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Rose/Ten/Jack fics

Anyone know of any good fanfic of Rose/ten/jack or just Rose/Ten?   Jonesing for some good gen or pron!

A lot of Real Life issues.

It's been wayyyyy to long since I last posted...a lot of drama and crap has been happenning...

First, the DH left in april for his lovely tour in Iraq.  He won't get back until Dec (knock on wood).  Makes life very interesting...I'm a single parent again and it sucks.  At least this time I'm at a base with other military families who understand.

Now, I'm loving England!  Even with the horrible roundabouts (driving stuff) and it gets depressing here when it rains...unfortunately some of my friends here don't like it.  They miss the states.  Now don't get me wrong, I miss the states and what I wouldn't pay to have some Sonic right about now!  But I like it here.  We haven't done much traveling because DH has been gone and we want to do all that together as a family.

And then there is drama within our group.  One couple has been arguing constantly and its getting bad.  Unfortunately it's starting to effect others as well.  I love these friends but when it effects my kids then sorry.

I'm going to be starting classes again.  I need to get a degree that I might be able to use.  I have a bachelors in Criminal Justice but I can't really use it overseas.

Oh well, I'll try to update more later but I need to take a nap...lack of sleep lately is making ladycolete very cranky.

Dream Width invite code

Is anyone going to try this out?  Or has already tried it out?  I'm thinking about checking it out but I need an invite code.  If anyone has an extra one I would like it.  Just let me know!  Thanks!

the zombie survival test

Just thought this would be fun!

The Zombie Survival Test -- Make and Take a Fun Quiz @ NerdTests.com's User Tests!


The Empire magazine's list of the best TV shows

1. Bold the programmes you watch/used to watch.
2. Italicize the programmes you've seen at least one episode of.
3. Underline the programmes you own on DVD (or VCR tape).
4. Post your answers.


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Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Lets try this again...

Well, the first batch didn't do so well so I'm going to try again. I'm not sure what I did wrong but here goes.

Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!


New fandoms!

I've just recently started watching Demons and Dead Last. I think they are both awesome shows. I'm just sad that Dead Last was only on for one season. I believe it's one of those shows that hit at the wrong time. Now I'm off to see if their is much of a fandom for either shows! With my luck, probably not.

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Thought I'd give this a try. Haven't tried it since last august I believe.

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dragon eggs

I've seen some friends with these and thought I'd try it out.

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1. Post this list to your LJ.
2. Add three SCA-related things to the bottom that you've done.
3. Bold everything in the list that you've done.
4. Tag people, if you're so inclined, and watch the list grow.
I added:
5. Put Comments in red, and change color of any text within the list that you have changed

Taught a class at Pennsic
Ran a court
Fought or fenced at an event while drunk
Worked the "Puking Duke" shift a Chirurgeons Point at Pennsic
Been an Event Stewart/Autocrat
Been an officer (Local, Regional, Kingdom, Society) Local Chronicler in Meridies
Had a name and/or device accepted by the SCA College of Arms Device and Name
Had a name and/or device rejected by the SCA College of Arms
Device rejected

Worked in at least three different volunteer departments at Pennsic (also in: Troll, Heralds' Point and Performing Arts)
Written a scroll text As I was speaking it, on a regular basis.
Ran a bardic circle
Attend a foreign war Pennsic, Lilies, and Estrella
Traveled more than 10 hours each way for a one-day event
Had the privilege of begging a boon for a Peerage
Been involved on some level with a Calontir "gotcha" moment

Spent the night in a hotel room with more people than the bed space holds
Slept in more than 1 tent at a camping event
Fought/fought for in a Crown/Coronet Tourney
Been to an SCA event/function in every Kingdom

Lived in three Kingdoms

(Calontir, Meridies, Artemesia, East, Drachenwald)

Been in the SCA more than half my life Just about 50% now
Won a tournament in five different kingdoms
Been authorized in a fighting style not legal in your home kingdom at the time
Met your future spouse at an SCA eventFlown to an event
Written a Coronation or Peerage Ceremony
Received a Peerage from your future spouse before you were involved with him/her